the council by-laws

the council by-laws

The Council does nothing if not listen.

The Council is nothing more than you expect and often quite less.

One representative from every land who requests representation.

All decisions to be open, discussed and decided, with no sub-councils and rare vacations.

Those elected to The Council are exempt from everything else.

No scheduled breaks.

When The Council’s attendance is respectfully requested by an Official of The Roman Family, a unanimous vote is required to request a ½ day break from The Duties of The Council.

Every voice should be heard, with few restrictions.

A member of The Council can exit at any time to exit for necessaries.

Speakers throughout the locked corridor assist everyone in staying on track even as they visit the necessary.

Food and drink are delivered.

In the spirit of open government Roman ordered a large square room of glass for The Council.
Anyone can see, anyone can hear.

All in The Land are responsible for their own education on the process of how they are ruled.

The People walking by The Castle can literally see how The Council works, building trust among The Land.

Every single person speaks and is heard.


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