The Blue Dragon Scribe Shoppe exists mostly in memory, in other people’s accounts.

My father went there as a boy or

His aunt’s cousin stumbled inside when she was a teenager, ran away. Got more than she wanted

and even more mysterious sayings:

Her sister was seen wandering into it at twelve and never seen again.


The unknown can be frightening, fun, magical. The mysterious can be scary. The frightening can be fun. Just ask the ghouls.

Ask anyone where the Blue Dragon Scribe Shoppe is, however, and you’ll get nothing but mumbles. A pace to the east and a leap to the west.

Oh, but then you’ll have to follow our Stream of Isadora, and she does deceive.

She’s not so bad. It’s the beasts you must worry about.

They sniff out the lost, the lonely, those seeking truth.

Stare you down into nothing but a puddle. Push your brain into horrible daymares until the blood will freeze.

But why would one go there?

Why not?

We all need the Blue Dragon. It’s been there since the War TIme.

Much longer.

We share the same books. We share the same history.

We don’t all share the same past.

Who was that?

And fast as silence, all talk ceases, doors close, windows shut, curtains drawn.

All disappear.


To read more from scrolls found in the Blue Dragon Scribe Shoppe, continue below.

To read from any of the other findings from The Time of The Union, click on the titles. Please be patient if the stories change from time to time; we are still uncovering fragments and learning more about this strange time in our history.

The Tale of Elsie

The Song of Isadora

The Letters of Colin

The History of The Union

The Trials of Claudia


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