Vroman’s Bookstore

written May 25, 2009

I decide that I need a little quiet.  I can only find a little quiet while I

am alone in public.

Prefer it to be outside.

It must come from years of the bus and the train,

carving out quiet moments

in high school,


(not as successfully)



New York City.

It’s easier to be alone in New York City than anywhere I’ve ever known.

I don’t  know

if I can be quiet

and alone

without distraction.

Jeep trying to parallel park.

Passenger on phone

Woman in long skirt floats by with flowers

two middle-aged women laughing across the street outside the sushi place

Groove acoustic above me in the cafe area where I sit

ferrari took the parking space the Jeep wanted

For an hour: two college students flirted about God

two grey-haired women found the guy to my left

“There he is.  He is still relaxing.”

Toddler runs ahead of his well-dressed family: flip flops flip flopping on the sidewalk.

Now just the groove

Scratch of old guy’s pen on other side of cafe

7 year-old dragging his sneakers explaining his thoughts to his smiling mother and focused father.

green light

more cars drive by



fall back


no notice

white noise




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